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About Company

Som Celik has been established in the center of steel trade which is so called Perşembe Pazarı. Since its foundation in 1986, our company followed an expansion policy. Between the years of 1991-2005, the company operated in “Demirciler Sitesi” which is an industrial center. In 2005, we moved our company to Dudullu Industrial Zone and since then we have been serving our wide range of customers in our new company building. Our factory investment in Istanbul Tuzla Organize Sanayi Bölgesi is on process. The import operations of our company has been mainly from European Union companies and in the recent years we have also added Far-East companies to our suppliers list. We import large quantities of stainless steel sheets and coils to bestly serve our customers with low price policy and ready stock. Besides our large volume of stocks, we also pay utmost attention to product variety. Our mainly customers operate in the sectors of white goods, utensils, machine production ,elevators and lifts.

Mission & Vision

  • Our mission; To provide higher quality and valued branded products and services, to the service of stainless steel consumers,
  • Our vision; To create awareness of a specialized company, in every area which stainless steel is used.

Our values


Acting in accordance with our legal and ethical values by doing our business in an accurate manner, Acting honestly and honestly towards each other, Acting like our business friends and treating our customers to us.


To raise our market share in the Turkish Stainless Steel market and to make investments in this direction with all of our power and discipline, To try to be the best in every field with strategic importance, To be open to innovation.

Our Purposes

To provide high quality and value branded products and services to the service of stainless steel consumers in Turkey market,

Our quality policy

To maintain our reliability in the sector without making any concessions on the quality of products and services that we import and supply to our customers. To fulfill our promises on time and in full